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Custom Book Protector

A simple pattern that packs a big punch of style to the perhaps somewhat ordinary item.

Searching for a unique gift, or have an album which holds special memories or maybe a coffee table book that deserves to become a stylish feature of the room? We probably all have “special” books that we’d like to keep in good condition for as long as possible, and this next pattern helps you do just that. Make a stylish cover to draw attention, or turn a nice gift into something truly special. This is a great idea for your kids’ special books as well! Covering your books will protect them and keep them clean.

The “Custom Book Protector” pattern is easy to follow and turns out fabulous. And you get to customize it any way you want!!! To keep it firmly closed, you can use a snap closure or hook & loop tape as in the pattern or closures as shown in some of the website pictures. You can create a simple 4 piece slipcover, or even add some optional handles and security strap.

Choose a standout feature fabric: a special vinyl elegant linen, and add a touch of elegance with a closure.

This pattern can be made with all kinds of different materials. For the exterior, cottons, canvas, vinyl, leather or cork are suitable, and for the lining, cottons, canvas, or anything similar.

Since it is a “Custom” pattern, you’ll be making the cover based on whatever book you want to protect, and I’ll be walking you through each step. This will be made even easier with the YouTube video as well as the LIVE sew-along in my Sewing Videos Facebook group to which you can join after joining the Bella Vie Bags Pattern Group.

The cover I’m making in the YouTube video is in waterproof canvas exterior and lining with the optional handles and security strap, but I’ll be making one with vinyl exterior and waterproof canvas lining for the LIVE group video.

This pattern has the measurements given in inches as well as millimeters.

There are no refunds or exchanges on digital downloads.

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This is not a book protector to purchase. This is a downloadable PDF pattern to create your own “Custom Book Protector”.

Since this is to create a pattern based on your custom measurements, there are no pattern pieces in this pattern. Total PDF size = 12 pages.

Pattern Scale/Level: Beginner


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