Beautiful Styles for Life

Not a meaningless “by-line”



Bella Vie Bags will not only be marked for quality of materials & workmanship, but also for beauty and functionality. A “pretty bag” that doesn’t properly fulfill a need or purpose just isn’t that pretty. Too many bags end up in a pile of unused purses that looked nice, but were frustrating in their use due to impracticability.

After 30 years of sewing, working on everything from hems, zipper repair and replacement, tents and upholstery as well as aircraft parts manufacturing, I finally found my sewing niche in designing purse and wallet patterns. It all started with an online “Bag of the Month Club” that a friend told me about in January 2017. After making my first couple bags, I was hooked. I never imagine there would be a market for custom bags, or patterns, but seeing groups upon groups for bag making on Facebook, I embraced a new business direction, and in the early summer of 2017, Bella Vie Bags was born.




Each pattern is designed in keeping with my philosophy of “Where Beauty and Functionality Meet.” They are also designed in such a way to keep layers down, so as to be easier to sew on a domestic sewing machine.

Just like the enjoyment I get in “Bag Night” class from the finished creations of our ladies, I look forward to seeing my patterns turned into amazing creations by other bag makers. Join me in this fun journey by taking part in our Bella Vie Bags Pattern Group! on Facebook. 

I generally do a full series of live videos after a pattern release which are kept for future viewing in the Bella Vie Bags Sewing Videos Group on Facebook.



Adding to all the production, I teach bag making at Cottage Quilting, a local sewing shop. If you live in the South Okanagan area of British Columbia, consider joining us for our usually bi-monthly “Bag-Nights” for some great social time with like minded bag-makers, or to get some help with that bag-making project.


Bag Sales

Although my goal isn’t to sell bags, the bags, wallets, etc. I do make to create my patterns need to be sold and can be seen locally at my shop.  Only high quality materials such cork, leather, upholstery or commercial high wear vinyl, upholstery fabrics, and silky smooth waterproof canvas will be used on structural and high wear areas. Various high quality prints are added to other areas for some flair. Please use the “Contact Form” to arrange an appointment for viewing.