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This is not a purse to purchase. This is a downloadable PDF pattern to create your own purse.

Miss Practicality© is a combined purse and wallet that is the perfect companion for the necessities of everyday use. The center pocket is large enough to hold glasses, a couple of pens, lip balm, or other such items. The front and back interior sections will easily fit a large cell phone (with case). In addition, the wallet also has 2 interior zippered pockets, 16 card slots, 2 slip pockets, and an optional exterior back zippered pocket.

It is designed to be made with thicker exterior materials such as cork or vinyl, or thin leather, but the structure and assembly techniques keep the seams thin enough to easily be sewn on even the very basic of domestic sewing machines.

The finished size is approximately 8” wide X 5” tall X 3 1/2” deep.

This pattern also includes the instructions for using waterproof canvas (Oxford Sailcloth 600D with a PU backing – not PVC) for the lining and zipper pockets. Its main advantage is that no interfacing of any kind is required.

The pattern for Miss Practicality© has a full requirements list and comprehensive instructions, which include many scale diagrams. There are printing instructions and test squares to check your scale.

All pattern pieces are provided. A full list of measurements is also provided if you prefer to cut by measurements.

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There are three files included with this purchase:

The Main Assembly Instructions: MissPracticality-BVB-MainInstructions.pdf

Two interior Zipper Pockets variations contained in separate files:

Cotton type fabrics: “MissP-BVB-StandardFabric-ZipPocket.pdf”

Waterproof canvas: “MissP-BVB-WC-ZipPocket.pdf”

There is also the option to do the Flap with or without piping, but the instructions are contained within the main instructions.

Pattern Scale/Level: Intermediate

Miss Practicality© Bella Vie Bags 2021


Vinyl, cork, leather, quilting cotton, upholstery fabric, etc. (just about anything) can be used for the exterior. Quilting cotton, batik, or waterproof canvas are suggested for the lining. Cork, vinyl, or leather must be used for side straps & connectors. Instructions will not be given for leather, but for those accustomed to working with leather, this design can easily be adapted.

Deciding on waterproof canvas (WC) or cotton for the Zipper / Card Slots Pocket: WC (or other non-fraying fabrics – more specifically Oxford Sailcloth 600D denier with PU backing). By its very nature, WC requires little to no stabilizers and does not fray, making it a perfect choice for card slots, and usually comes in 60” widths, so more economical. Sources for this material include Amazon.com, Fabric.com, and Paccana.com. Cotton has the advantage of fantastic prints, and I do like to use them where bulk won’t be an issue, like the Main Panel and Flap Lining, even if I use waterproof canvas for the Zip / Card Slot assemblies.

Yardage given is the minimum required and you may need to allow more for pattern matching or directional fabric.

  • Requirements for the Zipper / Card Slots Pockets are given in their respected files.

  • Exterior fabric – 20” X 44” for Main Body Exterior and Sides (Exterior A)

  • Vinyl / cork – 4” X 8 1/2” for Base (Exterior B)

  • 1 1/2” X 54-60” for Strap (Exterior B)

  • 8” X 7” (or two 4” X 7”) for Strap Tabs and Cross Straps (Exterior B)

  • 9” W x 7” L scrap of cord or vinyl for Flap (Exterior C)

  • Lining fabric (cotton or similar) – 1/2 yard of 44″ wide – for Main Body Lining, & Flap Lining

  • Decovil Light or Decor-Bond (DV) – 20” of 17” wide – for Main Body, Flap, Cross Strap & Strap Tabs

  • 8″ X 4″ scrap of Decovil Heavy or Peltex 70F (non-fusible)

  • Medium weight, woven fusible interfacing (1/4 yard Wovenfuse or 1/2 yard SF101) for Main Panel & Flap Lining if using cotton/batik, etc/

  • Optional Piping for flap: 7/8” X 20” long piece of vinyl, cork or leather or bias cut cotton, etc. Cut from Exterior B and 20″ of 1/8” cord



  • (2) – 1/2” “D” Rings

  • (3) (2) – 1/2” Snap hooks for Strap

  • (1) – 1/2” adjuster buckle for Strap

  • Closure of your choice for the flap (magnet, turn-lock, flip lock, etc.)

  • (2) – 9″ Dress zippers (#3 – trimmed to 7 1/2”)

  • (1) – 10” Bag zipper (#5 – trimmed to 8”)

  • (12) – 6mm X 8mm long Double Capped Rivets

  • (4) – 6 mm X 12mm long Double Capped Rivets

  • Mallet and 1/8” hole punch

  • Rivet setter or press

  • Air or heat erasable writing pen/marker

  • Edge coating for vinyl, leather, or cork such as Tandy’s ©Edge Flex

  • Fabric glue

  • Thread to match all fabrics.

  • Sewing machine needles: Size 12-14 Standard for most sewing, and size 16 Jeans or Microtex for top-stitching

  • A spray can of multipurpose adhesive suitable to bond leather/vinyl. (©3M Super 77 is what I use). Basically rubber cement.

  • Scraps of Decovil Heavy or Peltex to reinforce closure areas

Waterproof Canvas Zipper Pocket Requirements

Waterproof canvas comes in many thicknesses, but there are two basic types of waterproof canvas: PU (polyurethane) backing – which is water-resistant, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is a waterproof backing. Both are stable, have no stretch, and do not require interfacing of any kind. The PVC backed is much thicker and is better suited for general bag/wallet linings, but can be used for card slots. 600 denier with PU backing is thinner, easier to fold, therefore my preference. Common sources are Amazon, Fabric Warehouse, Fabric.com, and Paccana.com in Canada.

  • 8” X 54-60” wide waterproof canvas

  • 8” X 16” of cotton print for lining (optional)

  • (2)- 9” Pre-packaged Dress zippers or 2 – #3 zipper by the yard cut to 7”

Standard Fabric Zipper Pocket Requirements

Quilting cotton works well, but batik is preferred as it is thinner, giving more room for the actual cards.

  • Lining fabric – 20” of 44” wide

  • Decovil Light (DV) or Pellon Decor-Bond – 14” x 17” wide or 7” of 35” wide

  • Medium weight, woven fusible interfacing – 8 pieces of 3/4” X 4” for Side Trim

  • 2 – 9” Pre-packaged Dress zippers or 2 – #3 zipper by the yard cut to 7”



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